..well not really, but the kids thought that it would be. It was so funny when the news people even said on the news after the kids got up, “Alright everyone time to get up and get ready for school”. The kids just groaned about that.

We had a bit of good news at about noon today...

Our delivery of rebar was going to show up today! It was nice to see the work on it didn't take too long to get done with. Oddly, we were the only delivery, so I'm guessing we had the only one that required the flat bed today.

I think this loading, unloading device is really cool it's a forklift that latches into the truck.

Here's Silver setting some wood down for the rebar to set on until we can use it.

After the truck left Silver rushed to get out a cutting tool to start cutting some of the rebar for the “stakes” he needs to start the framework of the dome.

He even pointed them to make them easier to go into the ground.

30 minutes later this is what is left of the 4, 20fter's he was cutting up.

Now he's disappointed as we have to wait till after the track hoe is here and done, so he's practically crawling the walls wanting to get the work done. It only took 2 days for the delivery to get here from 25 miles away. It was the truck's fault.. granted I imagine a horse drawn wagon would have gotten them here faster.

Hope everyone has had a good day, and is staying warm!

Be Well, BE Safe, and Blessed Be...

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