Well, as you can see it's been sometime since I have written anything here. Very good reason for that. My computer is not working right, and we lost our internet for over a year. Right now we have some very limited internet, but we have it. Any one who reads me on blogger or wordpress knows this.

So for all who don't know about what's going on I'll see if I can catch you up. We lost the use of our station wagon last year and spent almost a year without a car to use. We recently bought an old conversion van that was done up as a semi-camper. It's very nice inside and well taken care of.

WE have expanded our garden a bit thanks to my mother who gave us a donation earlier in the year to buy seeds/plants with. I ordered trees and shrubs with it. I have 2 tea trees, one (now dead) goji berry, 4 winter green plants, 5 new rhubarb crowns, 4(now 1) cold hardy banana, an assortment of day lilies, and a bunch of “screening” trees for down the road.

I did learn one thing from last year and our tomato plants, so this year I am only growing 2 varieties. One is in pots in front of our home the other is growing out back in the actual garden. I hope (crosses fingers) that I got the correct ones in the right places. As I'm hoping I have the “eating” tomatoes up front.

I have a horde or bean plants right now in flower. I have one volunteer squash that I think is a Dark Star Zucchini. I also have planted 6 of them and they all came up... I hope they produce well. I am trying out an Iraqi eggplant that I got this year. So far(I've never grown eggplant before) they aren't doing much. My onions are doing very well though they seem to be getting dug up I think by 'dillos.

One of my Elderberry plants is flowering this year. I planted a huge spot of potatoes and about half of them have come up. At this point my lettuce that I planted is still producing a good amount of lettuce. I planted Kale this year.. now I seem to only have about 3 plants, buried in the midst of my bean plants. So it's not producing as much as I had been told they do, I'm cooking it with our Lamb's Quarters. I have Brussels sprouts growing and about 9 cabbages.

I am growing Luffa gourds and bushel gourds. I also have a few long beans growing and while my bean in the garden are bush beans that I have used before, I have my Tiger's eye beans growing up in front. I have my tomatoes up front growing with dill to keep the horn worms off of them. I am going to try to put basil with them next year.

Out of all the pepper seeds I started I wound up with 1 sweet pepper and 4 hot pepper. The hot peppers are growing up front, and the sweet pepper is in the back. I don't want them to mix and the sweet peppers being on the hot side. I didn't need to plant cucumbers as apparently some seeds from last year sprouted and have been growing well.

I have some new herbs planted 2 basil plants, one stevia, a marjoram, thyme, peppermint, catnip, and oregano. I had to put the catnip in a pot as my cats tried eating it. The herbs are doing amazingly, they seem to like the soil I made up. Which is perlite, chicken manure, and our own clay soil.

Our dog Paris it seems is not “fixed”, a couple of months ago she had a litter of 6 puppies. One black male pup and 5 chocolate females, the little guy is going to our friend’s child for his next birthday. My son is going to be keeping one and we are looking for homes for the other 4.

In about a couple of weeks we will be having a couple of things going on. One we'll have one of two “farm hands” appearing here. I used quotes as they are moving here in exchange for a place to stay and food to eat. My kids will be spending a week with their grandmother during the week of the 4th of July. I hope they enjoy their trip. As we have to spend most of the day driving them there and driving ourselves home.

I have been working with my no-knead bread recipe, and I have recently made some nice flat bread with sunflower oil and sesame seeds. We have discovered we prefer it to standard bread even our own sourdough bread. I never thought I'd like flat bread, but fresh out of the over it was wonderful.

I am hoping to be able to keep this site up to date, I will defiantly try to. I will probably even be adding to it.

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