Fun Days, Fun Days! We did more work with the track hoe today. Silver started with digging the electric trenches for the power out to the new house. He did not dig it very deeply as the wire doesn't need to be down very deep as it won't be damaged by the cold temperatures.

When he was half way to the new house he started the trench from the water and then connected the two together. That needs to be deeper as you don't want water pipe freezing, or it may break.

After doing these two he dug me a couple of trenches for my apple trees that are showing up next month. We are going to mix some soil for their “baby years” and then planting them and giving them as much care as if they are babies.

Well our pond still has water “seeping” up, granted this may just be ground water. However I am still hopeful on the site of it, as it's to me also an indication that the water so far is staying in the pond. With spring rains coming soon I am sure the pond will be full fairly soon.

Next thing we will be doing is re-staking the house site and putting in the rebar stakes Silver made up a few days back. The track hoe goes back to the rental place tomorrow, please note the best time to rent if you have a place that is closed on Sundays is on the weekend so you get 2 days for the price of 1.


Now I have a comment about something that happened over on Blogger. I keep getting Anonymous people leaving comments. While I have no issues with people doing so, I will not respond to a negative person who is Anonymous. I won't even give them the satisfaction of attention by removing it either, I'm sorry but if you want to be negative at least have the guts to leave your own name. In specific the post was about GM seed companies (read as seed companies owned by BIG M and company). NO, I did not check out the list myself as I didn't use any of the companies. However as I know of a great many people who prefer to be GM free I figured they can find out if their seed company is or is not. Also by seeing the names on the list they can go ask the companies themselves. I was just trying to be a handy go between. I had gotten many bad comments about that post which, I might add is at least 1 year old. The reason I am bringing it up now is someone left a nasty comment 2 days ago on it. I'm not removing the comment, but geez... come on people if you don't like my posts... don't read them. ..and if you want to read them and make a counter point great! DO NOT be nasty, and if you are going to … have the cahones to put your name on it.

That's it for now folks! Have a nice Sunday.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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