I don't know if anyone read my "new addition" to my GMO page, but here is a statement on what I wrote there yesterday..
Just in case I hear it here about my last post...

seems everyone who reads this thinks I am complaining about hybrids.  I was trying to make a statment about the idea of making a "seedless" anything... which to me.. seems very silly... and even though hybrids occur in nature a "seedless" one wouldn't truly last in nature so it  seems a bit like what the Big M is doing... 

everyone however is just seeing me say ... "hybrid BAD"....which I'm not... I was talking about 1 type.  I did not think I was bashing hybrids, but it seems for at least 3 other places I have posted that post on seeds that people think I am bashing hybrids.

I do think hybrids are a good idea, however when you come across something like the seedless watermelon, which I have heard many people complain about it not "tasting like a watermelon".  what is the real point behind it?  To me it just seems like it was made just so that seeds had to be re bought every year thereby making the seed company lots of money.

This morning I cut up a yellow fleshed watermelon that I bought locally.  It had that "watermelon" flavor that I remember when I was a young child.  It tasted nothing like the typical "Seedless" watermelon you find in stores now.  I have saved the seeds from it, and my kids were surprised by how large the seeds were.  I have to say they looked big to me as well.

If you go back and look at GMO history though you will see something.  The tomato, there was a GM tomato once; but the people complained that ti had no flavor compared to other store bought ones.  So why is it when you have these "seedless" watermelons that to me have no flavor, people don't complain?  People don't know the difference... they really don't, I mean how long has the seedless watermelon been out there?  At least 20 years if my memory is right.  So after 20 years that is the flavor that people are use to and now want.

So please... just because I have an issue with 1 hybrid... and compared it to a GM product... which to me has some similar things to some GM products.  Does not mean I don't like hybrids, some of the tomato hybrids are wonderful.  I would love to grow that all pink one that I read about how the person who "discovered it" wound up growing it.  That one was used as a way to explain hybridization to people who know nothing about it.

Now here is the nice thing about a -BLOG- it's mostly a personal opinion on what the person writes.  I do try to have accurate info included in what I write and sometimes my opinions shine through more.  Such is the case with yesterday's post. 

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