WOW, we finally got some rain here.  Not only that, but it rained for almost a whole hour!  We really needed that rain and I am very glad we got it.  I do hope my friend and her family in Kansas get some as well.

I harvested all of our potatoes this morning and I think we got about 5(?) pounds of them, I don't have a scale here so I am not totally sure on the weight.  As I have pulled up all of them I also moved our compost pile over to where our potatoes were so they can "work" with the composting straw and make us some pretty compost.  We will see if there is some by next spring, I do need to buy a black tarp to cover it though.

We got down to about 2 ft in our root cellar so far.  So we are hoping it keeps going pretty steady on it, I'll post some pictures of everything later on the photo page.

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