Well I'm sitting here waiting for my chicken bones to de-pressure so I figured I'd write something today.  Not as much as yesterday mind you... btw in case you were wondering it came out to about 4 pages on my word prossesor when I converted it over.  Looks back a few words.  I love those spelling mistakes that the "suggestions" have no correction for even when you know you spelled it wrong; but cannot spell it right.

I have watered all of my plants that I put in yesterday and they do seem to be doing rather well except for 1 of the red cabbages.  That poor thing is drooping.  I think I know why too, it got only about 1/2 of the roots available when I had to cut them apart.  So it probably does not have enough roots to make it.

We discovered this morning that the 2 hoses we are using can reach everything but... The pecan tree and the current.  No biggie, we need at least one new hose as one of the 2 like I said has a leaky connector.

I have discovered this morning that we have 1 small frog living near our pond.  I hope there is more but 1 is a start.  My blue berry is looking very promising so far and I hope it produces well this year.  It has buds everywhere, it looks as healthy as the Elderberries do.

Once I get my soup going I get to go out and do some clearing near all of my plantings from yesterday.  Just to ensure no over crowding and plenty of sun for my new plants.  I did notice the Kale seems to have sprouted finally, just when I was ready to give up on them.  I also may have one carrot sprout, we'll see as it grows.

Time to go work on the soup,

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

This is half of my "horde" of green bush beans that I'm growing this year.  Aside from maybe 3 plants having slightly yellowed leaves everyone of them is very healthy and in flower.  I actually think they are putting out secondary flower stalks.

I am hoping to get lots of beans from them, I will try canning some.  I know I cannot eat commercial canned veggies as they make me ill, so Silver is hoping/thinking that home canned I could.   The thought is that maybe it's a preservative in them besides being too soft that is the reason for it.

I seem to have also issue(s) with over cooked ones as well so we are going to try raw packing them.  who knows maybe they will do well and I'll be able to eat them.  If I can't the kids and Silver certainly can.

Last year I had tried growing pole beans and I was sorely disappointed.  That's why I am doing bush beans this year.  I have grown "Blue Lake" bush beans for almost forever and I know they'll produce.  This year I am determined to have a good harvest from my garden.  As I said I do have my Tiger's Eye beans growing up front, we will see if I can get them to produce this year and if I can we will just go with those as they are also a dry bean.  Pinto style, which for us means chili.

This is one of the many cabbage plants I have growing, and this is one of the remaining three that I myself started.  I had started 6 of the Early Jersey Wakefield, but after some four-legged lawn mowers went through I only have maybe three of these and the red cabbages I bought.

These green ones are a tad behind my red cabbages, as the red ones have been heading for a few weeks and the greens have only been for about one week.  I am really hoping to be able to harvest them soon so we can have some cole slaw.  I love fresh cole slaw!

Oh pardon the picture quality as my camera is out of batteries and we keep forgetting to buy them so I used our phone to take these pics.

This is my volunteer squash, in flower (male flowers btw).  It has had I'd say about 8-10 flowers at this point and they have all been the "male" flowers.  I am waiting on the female ones to appears so I have a better idea as to what kind of squash it is.

Now like I said I think it's a Dark Star Zucchini, and next time I'll get a picture of those in flower as they are starting to get their flower buds now.  Which for me is a wonderful thing, I am hoping again that they produce lots of squashes for us.  

We got hooked our first year here eating for lunch a stir fry with two or more squashes in it and maybe some canned ham and a fresh herbs.  I really want to do that again, so because last year our squashes didn't do much past producing male flowers we didn't get any of those fun meals.

One other "Crop" that I am hopeful on is melons.  I love to eat melons and I have a wonderful recipe for a catulope jam that I made last year with half of a huge one that I bought.  I have some melons sprouting and .. considering I had tried some vine peach seeds, which at this point they all sprouted then withered.  I planted to see some of the melon seeds I bought last year.  I planted "Oran's melon" which is suppose to grow well in this state.

This is one of the two flowering heads on the one Elderberry that is blooming.  I do hope the other one blooms next year.  As you can see the flowers are starting to open up.  I am going to be watching this closely as I have no clue how long it takes for them to go from flower to ripe fruit.

I spent the early part of this morning doing the kids' early chores of feeding the animals (which in the summer they do).  I went out and took these pictures and I did a bit of pond digging.  Maybe I'll post some pond pictures next time.  A progression of what we have done so far.

I also checked my plants out and the Oran's melons are still very healthy, which is making me very happy.  i do hope they do well and we get melons, in some amount.  Even if we are overwhelmed by them.  I would not mind, because  if they do I'll just turn them into jam.

We've lost one of our chickens yesterday to I think a fox, and I'm wondering if maybe we've lost more than one.  As a number of days ago they had managed to get out under the fencing and there was tons of feathers all over their yard.  So after finding the dead one half pulled out of the fence and half eaten, I do wonder.

Well that's about ti for now.. I'm heading to wordpress and Blogger to put up updates there as well.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

I don't know if anyone read my "new addition" to my GMO page, but here is a statement on what I wrote there yesterday..
Just in case I hear it here about my last post...

seems everyone who reads this thinks I am complaining about hybrids.  I was trying to make a statment about the idea of making a "seedless" anything... which to me.. seems very silly... and even though hybrids occur in nature a "seedless" one wouldn't truly last in nature so it  seems a bit like what the Big M is doing... 

everyone however is just seeing me say ... "hybrid BAD"....which I'm not... I was talking about 1 type.  I did not think I was bashing hybrids, but it seems for at least 3 other places I have posted that post on seeds that people think I am bashing hybrids.

I do think hybrids are a good idea, however when you come across something like the seedless watermelon, which I have heard many people complain about it not "tasting like a watermelon".  what is the real point behind it?  To me it just seems like it was made just so that seeds had to be re bought every year thereby making the seed company lots of money.

This morning I cut up a yellow fleshed watermelon that I bought locally.  It had that "watermelon" flavor that I remember when I was a young child.  It tasted nothing like the typical "Seedless" watermelon you find in stores now.  I have saved the seeds from it, and my kids were surprised by how large the seeds were.  I have to say they looked big to me as well.

If you go back and look at GMO history though you will see something.  The tomato, there was a GM tomato once; but the people complained that ti had no flavor compared to other store bought ones.  So why is it when you have these "seedless" watermelons that to me have no flavor, people don't complain?  People don't know the difference... they really don't, I mean how long has the seedless watermelon been out there?  At least 20 years if my memory is right.  So after 20 years that is the flavor that people are use to and now want.

So please... just because I have an issue with 1 hybrid... and compared it to a GM product... which to me has some similar things to some GM products.  Does not mean I don't like hybrids, some of the tomato hybrids are wonderful.  I would love to grow that all pink one that I read about how the person who "discovered it" wound up growing it.  That one was used as a way to explain hybridization to people who know nothing about it.

Now here is the nice thing about a -BLOG- it's mostly a personal opinion on what the person writes.  I do try to have accurate info included in what I write and sometimes my opinions shine through more.  Such is the case with yesterday's post.